After poop comes beans…

After poop comes beans…or is it after beans comes poop?

This is for those of you who’ve been (or still are) eating HUMMUS, wish a cashew would walk across your desk, or want some edamame pre-dinner…you’re basically “missing your beans…like in your burrito at Chipotle?  Or if you consume “vegetarian” foods which are loaded with soy …no plant based proteins, people!  We did a post some time ago in an old challenge on Beans.  Check it out here: REBELHEALTH: BEANS.  I love it when Ed gets fired up about something!

Dr. Loren Cordain, the Paleo Godfather, posted this great read on “Beans and Legumes: are they Paleo?“.  It’s simply a must read.  It’s your homework for next week! Understanding things like this is what makes me not even think about including it in my diet – not even on a cheat day.

Have a great Sunday/Day 7! Stay on track! Prep for next week!

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