Day 6! Hummus, Beans and Soy Protein, Oh My!

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

happy dance

All you’ll read here is “I get to cheat”, so I’ll keep it short!

From 6pm to midnight tonight, you have to log it, but you’ll be allowed one “cocktail” amounting to no more than 150 total calories. We know if it’s alcohol it’ll be mostly carbs.  OR, you can choose the same dessert…again, amounting to no more than 150 calories…like, a truffle or small scoop of ice cream, or six Tootsie Rolls.  But we want it to be sugar based, not grain based (except for beer…beer’s OK).  But savor it. Consume it slowly, and in the company of good friends and / or family!  Consider it the first of a few treats…I mean cheats, throughout this challenge.


And…I changed my mind. We must keep learning!  Not keeping this one so simple.  It’ll be short, but potent, so listen up…especially those of you who’ve been (or still are) eating HUMMUS, and “missing your bean”s.  Or if you consume “vegetarian” foods which are loaded with soy …no plant based proteins, people!  We did a post some time ago in an old challenge on Beans.  Check it out here: REBELHEALTH: BEANS.  I love it when Ed gets fired up about something!

Dr. Loren Cordain, the Paleo Godfather, posted this great read on “Beans and Legumes: are they Paleo?“.  It’s simply a must read.  Your homework for next week! Understanding things like this is what makes me not even think about including it in my diet – not even on a cheat day.

Have a great weekend! Stay on track!

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