Paleo V, Day 25, Fat Bomb Part II

Thursday, November 14, 2012


Coconuts and Lauric Acid:

By now, you know we are big consumers and promoters of any and all things COCONUT.  We learned in Fat: Part I that we should not fear fat, even those foods high in saturated fat, like the coconut.  Ancel Keys was the first to start the anti-saturated fat fad back in 1953.  His findings that high dietary intake of saturated fat can be linked to high serum cholesterol (which in turn causes coronary heart disease) have since been disproved but the dogma still remains that saturated fats are BAD.

“Kaunitz and Dayrit (1992) have reviewed some of the epidemiological and experimental data regarding coconut-eating groups and noted that the available population studies show that dietary coconut oil does not lead to high serum cholesterol nor to high coronary heart disease mortality or morbidity. They noted that in 1989 Mendis et al reported undesirable lipid changes when young adult Sri Lankan males were changed from their normal diets by the substitution of corn oil for their customary coconut oil.”

The coconut actually has many health benefits and they are mostly related back to the fact that coconuts  are comprised of ~50% Lauric Acid.  Lauric Acid is a medium-chain fatty acid.  This type of fatty acid is easily digested requiring no energy for digestion, utilization or absorption.  Hence why we keep suggesting you eat some coconut with your pre-WOD carb so that your body has some easily digested energy, ready to use for your WOD.

Benefits of Lauric Acid Found in Coconuts:

  • improve blood lipids
  • protect against damage to the liver by alcohol and other toxins
  • prevent gall bladder and kidney disease
  • associated with blood sugar and insulin control
  • antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties
  • strengthen mineral absorption (aid in condition/appearance of scalp, hair and skin)

There are loads of good resources out there for research and other health benefits of lauric acid and coconut out there.  Here are a few links (which all of the brief info above was pulled from..but there’s plenty more to read) if you’re interested in learning more:

Weston A. Price: A New Look at Coconut Oil

Mark’s Daily Apple: Smart Fuel: Coconut Oil

Mark’s Daily Apple: The Wonderful World of Coconut Products

Answers to Yesterday’s Bonus Question:

Part 1:  Which two Nightshades mentioned in yesterday’s post were nicknamed after apples?

ANSWER: Tomato (aka the “love apple”) & Eggplant (aka the “mad apple”)

Part 2: Of the two parts that comprise the Autonomic Nervous System (Parasympathetic and Sympathetic), which mode is your body in immediately after you finish Murph?

ANSWER: Sympathetic Nervous System (“fight or flight” mode)


Well, it’s time to let everyone know the rumors are true:  Matt Crum drank coconut water and pickle juice, together…in the same cup…during a WOD!

While that IS true, it’s not the “real” rumor.  Yes, we are going to consider Sunday night, 11/18, the last day of the challenge.  Though the suggestion was made in passing, what came to light was that if we waited until Wednesday to end the challenge, then it seemed a lot of you were heading out of town for the holiday, making it approximately 7 days between the end of the challenge and the point that we could remeasure body comp.  And we were envisioning many of you deep in turkey debauchery and Lord knows WHAT those measurements might have been!

So, Challenge ends 9pm on Sunday night.  Yes, Brian U and ERock and Tina..it’s Pizza at 9:01!

With that being said, journals are due Monday and they will be your final journals. So we need to start scheduling metrics!  You need to be remeasured by the same coach who measured you.  Let’s begin looking at early next week and get as many of you scheduled as possible.  We’ll try to overstaff so if Angie, Nic or Sam are coaching we have back up to step out and do some testing.

We’ll continue to update the scoring and see where everything lies.  So don’t cave in yet…it’s just a short time to the end!



Help our neighbor, PostcardMania, help victims of Hurricane Sandy.  

We received this from Melly today – anything  anyone can do is appreciated and needed.  Just leave it in the RebelHealth room and Melly will be sure it gets on the truck on Friday.

 As you know we are reaching out to ALL Staff, family & friends to help us fill a truck with much needed supplies for Hurricane Sandy victims. We really need to act fast so that we can get the supplies up to NY before Thanksgiving! These folks have been devastated and we all need to reach into our pockets to help! We all also know others who we can reach out to.
Here’s how you can help now:

We need to fill the truck up with the items below. If you do not have time to shop, please donate money. We also want to get gift cards to Home Depot and other supply stores!

  • Non Perishable items,
  • diapers,
  • formula,
  • toiletries,
  • towels,
  • blankets,
  • batteries,
  • flashlights,
  • paper towels and paper goods,
  • cleaning supplies:
  • rakes,
  • mops,
  • buckets,
  • cleaning products,
  • heavy garbage bags,
  • plastic bins/containers,
  • eye protective glass/goggles,
  • heavy and light weight gloves,
  • tyvex suits,
  • face masks,
  • HEPA Respirator masks,
  • cloth towels,
  • rope & twine,
  • rubber gloves.







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