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Rebel Ammo

We require ALL of our head coaches to be certified personal trainers or have a background in exercise science, so from time to time we sound off on all things exercise, from CrossFit, nutrition and more. Check out the articles below to get an idea of the Rebel perspective and what it meant to be a CrossFit Rebel.

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BE THERE THIS SATURDAY TO SUPPORT OUR REBEL KIDS!  Parent/relative/friend will team up with a CrossFit Kid for  3 WOD's! If you'd like to help out in any way please contact Coach Nic at the gym or email: nicole@crossfitrebels.com This year Coach Nic devised a  competition where her kids will pair with a parent, relative or friend to compete as teams of "kid/adult" for one top prize!  All divisions are leveled out so regardless of age, the kid/adult teams are even. Each event will be judged just like our standard competitions are, so please[...]
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8 Years of Rebels

Hello, Rebels! Sam here. I couldn't help inserting "old pictures" along the way of this post....enjoy! Ed and I wanted to put out a quick post to thank everyone who has made our box (your box) such an amazing place to get healthy and fit, learn, de-stress, build relationships....basically everything! That "everyone" is: the athletes (young, medium and old...because you know we have them all!), the community (because your spouses, parents, and kids are a part of our community), the coaches (who are also athletes), our athletes who have moved away or[...]
Not Much Has Changed

Not Much Has Changed

Sam and Ed here again. Ending day one, on to day two. Not much has changed in four years...maybe an emphasis on genetic testing, epigenetics and stem cell therapy...but the basics are still the same: Eat whole, unprocessed food avoiding highly processed, highly palatable and therefore addictive carbohydrates and combinations of carbohydrates, fats, and chemicals. => maintain gut health Move.  Lift heavy, sprint, do some long-slow cardio. Sleep well. Maintain quality social relationships. Manage stress (meditate, journal, enjoy life). Get quality light exposure during the day (circadium rhythms and vitamin D) [...]


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