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Rebel Ammo

We require ALL of our head coaches to be certified personal trainers or have a background in exercise science, so from time to time we sound off on all things exercise, from CrossFit, nutrition and more. Check out the articles below to get an idea of the Rebel perspective and what it meant to be a CrossFit Rebel.

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Volume, Recovery, Health and Choices

Volume, Recovery, Health & Choices I encountered an interesting series of events yesterday and they culminate in this post.  As many of you know, Ed, Paul, Adam & I have the great pleasure and honor of training about 50 athletes over the age of 70, at an off site facility. They are AMAZING!  And smart...they ask smart questions.  Yesterday when we announced Ed and I would be out of town this weekend at a competition in Indianapolis, one of the athletes asked why we did CrossFit? She further asked "I mean,[...]
On Sleep

On Sleep

On Sleep... Related to Performance, Body Composition & Stress Management We all know sleep is essential. You can't live without water, protein and sleep. Literally. Ed, Paul, Adam, Nic, Kristin and I attended a Masters Athlete seminar recently and sleep was one of the topics, presented by Nataranjan Subramanian, MD. Last year when Ed and I attended Paleo FX in Austin, Tx, we hit the sleep topics with Kirk Parsley, MD. When we do Paleo Challenges, one of the criteria for "points" is sleep. We all know it's crucial for good health,[...]
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The Rebel Guide to Competition Prep

  The CrossFit Games season always brings a surge in everyday CrossFit athletes' desire to "compete". And why not? It's exhilarating....so much more so than the daily WOD.  More pressure. More at stake. And it's a whole day (or two day) event! Bring on the weekend and bring on the competitions!       PREPARATION The week before your competition... ...you'll want to practice the WODs (if you know them). Just because you know the WODs for the comp doesn't mean you should do them twice a day every day leading up to it. Rookie mistake! The[...]


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