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Rebel Ammo

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June 9th, 2014

Do you have it? Grit? Do you even know what it is? grit noun /'grit/ :mental toughness and courage :of mind or spirit :  unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger In CrossFit, we think of it as the ability to grind it out; put your head down and commit; stick with your plan; finish; give 100%+. It's needed in a lot of aspects of CrossFit. As a beginner/intermediate athlete when the movements, the strength and skill to do the movements and lift the load correctly are developing, it's the ability to be patient, get it[...]

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June 22nd, 2014

As many of our athletes know, Ed and I spent some time in my home state of Indiana this past week.  There are many reasons I love Indiana...and a few reasons we remain in Florida, specifically the horrific Indiana winters!  Back to the love...I know a few of our Rebels hail from the Hoosier state as well, and I'm sure they can agree with me, a few of the traits that come from our fair state that draw us together include a love of nature, the ability to walk on the[...]


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