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Rebel Ammo

We require ALL of our head coaches to be certified personal trainers or have a background in exercise science, so from time to time we sound off on all things exercise, from CrossFit, nutrition and more. Check out the articles below to get an idea of the Rebel perspective and what it meant to be a CrossFit Rebel.

Congratulations, Coach Nic!

Congratulations, Coach Nic!

Monday, August 1, 2016   Ed and I have been both blessed and overworked in our adventures with CrossFit Rebels.  But along the way, all of the strife is forgotten as we continue to be able to do things like this.  Especially when we can do it for the people who've made our lives easier along the way. The picture above is my favorite! It's exactly what Nicole would do if we made this announcement live with her standing beside us.  If you've even seen us try to brag about her at the[...]
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Entry into Rx+

Hey all! Coach Paul here, just wanting to share some information with all of our athlete! As you may or may not know, the Rx+ program is a program designed for athletes that would like to take their fitness to the next level... Competition! The program is designed and structured on all CrossFit movements but with higher volume and higher skill level movements on a more frequent basis. The design and methodology of this program is to fit the style of, and prepare our athletes for CrossFit competitions such as local competitions all[...]
Hemi's New Adventure

Hemi's New Adventure

It's time we pull all the facts together and let everyone know what's going on with "Mal's new box" now that we have a lease and have applied for affiliation. Many of you may know (and if not, now you will), Mallory joined us as an athlete in November of 2010 and soon thereafter became a coach (February of 2011).  Believe it or not, she was on a band with pull ups!  Same crappy shoulder she has now, but same unstoppable engine.  She and Nicole were our first two coaches, and[...]


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